Somoto Canyon

1 Días
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Somoto Canyon (Namancambre)

Somoto Canyon is ancestrally known as Namancambre. Sculpted by the perpetual flow of water and time, it is rock full of history, which hides wonderful landscapes. Its unique structure is forged by the waters of the Comali River (from Honduras) and Tapacali River, which join to form the large Coco River.

Somoto Canyon is located 15km from the city of Somoto. The canyon itself extends for approximately 5km on a winding path whose width varies between 10-15m. In its stony bottom, the calm current is interrupted by various rock formations that give rise to seven or eight pools with stagnant water, creating a lively environment with plants and fish.

The cliffs that surround the canyon reach between 120-150m high and at the narrowest place, the walls can be up to 5m apart from each other. According to the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER), these interesting columns are the product of an open geological fault, as well as the erosion from water. It is believed that it took 5-15 million years to form, during the Quaternary Period and Miocene Epoch.

It was until a few years ago (December 2004) that Somoto Canyon was «discovered» by Czech and Nicaraguan geologists who conducted studies in the area (although the locals already knew about it generations ago). Somoto Canyon, having been recognized for its hydrological and geological importance, and tourism potential, was declared a protected area under the category of Somoto Canyon National Monument.

The coordination and organization of the monument is in the hands of a small cooperative farmers in the area, they provide the best service, and will guide our visit making it interesting and entertaining.

Day 1

  • Depart Managua at 5am to Somoto Canyon.
  • Hike the first stretch of the river to get into a boat to take you to the entrance of the canyon.
  • Tour the inside of the canyon, then you have the option to cross by swimming, walking or by inflatable truck tires (really an unforgettable experience).
  • Enjoy the pools within the canyon, listen to stories and legends told by the local guides, you can jump off from rock structures into the pools, and then have lunch prepared by the household sector and more.
  • Return to Managua around 7-8 pm.


  •  It is possible to cross the canyon by another route, which consists of hiking trails at the top of the cliffs to reach the exit of the canyon, this hike can last 6 hours (for this activity it is necessary to coordinate).
  • Depending on the day, you can visit a Nicaraguan donut factory.
  • Private transportation with air conditioning.
  • Lunch
  • Entrance to the monument
  • Guided Tour
  • Local Guide
  • Safety Equipment
  • Boat/Raft
  • Fruit (Seasonal)
  • Extra Activities.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Breakfast and Diner.

Price per person (tax included):

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